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In 1909, AMT Jackson, the collector of Nashik, was invited by the locals to attend a drama organized by them as their gratitude for his transfer from Nasik. This drama was the famous Maratha play “Sangeet Sharada,” which was highly instrumental in inspiring the passage of the Child Marriage Restraint Act (so much so that the CMR Act was also called Sharda Act). The day the drama was organized, AMT Jackson was shot dead by three Indian revolutionaries. The investigation started and the link for sponsoring the guns for the assassination was connected to an Indian-born law intern at Gray’s…


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“the use of tax treaty networks to reduce tax payments…is a major issue for many developing countries, which would be well advised to sign treaties only with considerable caution.”


Nyasaland was under the governorship of Geoffrey Francis Taylor Colby, the Queen appointed representative, when it signed a tax treaty with the UK in 1955. Under this treaty Nyasaland was to not charge any withholding taxes, i.e., taxes on money leaving a country. British companies could therefore move money out of Nyasa through any medium freely without paying any tax. 65…

Correspondence between Pranav Tanwar and Ayan Gupta (students at National Law University — Delhi)

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Dear Ayan,

This is a brief of a piece that I have written earlier but wanted to develop further by entering into a correspondence with you.

For centuries, the idea of control and laissez-faire has been at the centre of all economic regulation debates. On one hand, there have been schools such as erstwhile liberalism and now neoliberalism which argue for complete autonomy of economic activities, on the other hand there have been schools such as socialism, welfare state or now third world studies which argues for the…

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When the American music composer Arnold Rosner used the evergreen four-point motif for his opus 97, “ The Parable of the law”, it was not the first time that this cornerstone of the western music was used to convey an idea of defiance or resistance. Though additionally here, these notes helped convey an English translated version of a parable which in its absurd, unrealistic or as such ideas would be called in the 20th century e narrates the vertigo fate of an ignorant but persistent man meeting with the law and its “doorkeepers.” “ Before the Law “, written by…

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India continues to witness the world’s largest nation-wide lockdown since Prime Minister Modi’s televised speech on March 24th, 2020. The time given to a country of over 1.3. billion people to prepare for a 21 days lockdown was merely 4 hours. On 17th May, the Indian government extended the lockdown for the fourth time till 31st May and offered considerable relaxations. While the pandemic has necessitated the Indian government to take the hard policy decision of lockdown, the implementation of the same has worsened the situation for many.

India’s 40 million migrant population was caught off-guard with the announcement of…

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As the cases of Coronavirus Disease — 2019 (2019-nCov) are continuously increasing in India, the Cabinet Secretary on March 11 decided to invoke the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 and advised via the Ministry of Health Welfare to all the states and union territories to invoke the same. The state of West Bengal and Delhi became the recent state to invoke it within its territory.The law older than Bengal Partition has been invoked a number of times to contain swine flu (2009, Pune), cholera (2018, Waghodia, Gujarat), malaria and dengue (2015, Chandigarh). The antiquity of the law has not deterred governments…

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In a session organised by the Guardian in 2015 on the increasing influence of money in English Football, Duncan Drasdo, CEO of the Manchester United Supporters Trust commented, “The growth in revenue has attracted the wrong kind of owners, particularly those looking to use clubs as a cash cow”. The negative influence of money was always lurking over the game but never came out as to be formally criticized until 14th of this month.

The last season EPL champions Manchester City (MCFC) has been banned from UEFA Champions League for next two seasons by the independent Adjudicatory Chamber of the…

….How can we live together in peace, prosperity, and harmony, while retaining our liberties as autonomous individuals who can, and must, create our own values?

  • James M. Buchanan Jr., 1986 Nobel Prize winner in Economics for theory of “The Constitution of Economic Policy”
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The last month Chilean protest over its Constitutionally mandated norm of neoliberalism even in social services like Education reignited the debate over the two sides of the Constitution of Economic Policy: balance of “Rules” and “Discretion” in economic policy. While the Chilean economy has been dominated by rules, the Indian economic policy has been dominated by discretion

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The rivalry between Athenian statesmen and fierce opponents, Demosthenes and Aeschines, is well-known for resulting in two famous judicial orations: “On the False Embassy” and “On the Crown”. It was in the latter that Demosthenes described Aeschines (who was an actor before taking up politics) as “an actor in tragedy”.

He : “I should conclude, Aeschines, that you undertook this cause to exhibit your eloquence and strength of lungs, not to obtain satisfaction for any wrong. …

First published at Cafe Dissensus Blog on August 14, 2019:

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Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

— Abel Meeropol, 20th century American songwriter and poet

Historians broadly agree that lynching was a method of social and racial control meant to terrorize Black Americans into submission, and into an inferior racial caste position. From 1882–1968, 4,743 lynching occurred in the United States. Of these people that were lynched 3,446 were Black. …

Pranav Tanwar

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